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Dear Customer,

I thought you might like to know a bit about the people involved in making your pads. Well, I first got into washable menstrual pads about 15 years ago when I was living in an off-grid eco-community. We had no running water or electricity at that time, and compost toilets. I saw all the other women happily hanging out their cloth pads, so I naturally got my own too. It was fantastic! I couldn't believe how comfortable and comforting they felt. I was instantly converted. My time in the yurt and my Buddhist and Quaker practice as well as meeting some very wonderful people over the years have all brought me to a place where I see the amazing thing that we women are. We are the bringers of life, the nurturers and the ones who hold the fabric of our societies together. Our bodies ebb and flow with the moons, the seasons and with the demands made upon them. It is a truly extraordinary thing to be given the gift of life as a woman!

It is feelings such as these that bring Honour Your Flow cloth menstrual pads into existence. Each pad is made with love and care, as we are honouring your decision to tread lightly on the Earth and respect and love your body with beautiful, natural and organic fabrics.

The business started up 5 years ago, once my home-educated children went to school. I literally started with 2 metres of fabric sewing at the kitchen table, and soon progressed to bigger things as the designs of the pads became popular. There are now four ladies sewing for HYF, and more needed all the time. 
The business ethos at HYF is about trying to make every decision an ethical one in as many ways as possible. At HYF the customer is important, but so are the workers - the sewing ladies as well as the people involved in growing, harvesting and manufacturing the fabrics. We try to work to a Fairtrade standard and purchase fabrics which cause as least harm as possible to all whilst still performing. HYF has recently made the switch from bamboo fabric to organic cottons for these reasons.
I am passionate about menstrual health, and getting the design right for your pads. I am a great believer in 'One size does not fit all', and my designs reflect this. I believe we can heal our femininity through honouring our bodies with beautiful pads.  I want to be part of a Menstrual Revolution! The next plan for me is to start going into Primary schools to talk to girls about cloth pads and how to live in harmony with the menstrual cycle. 

I love making your pads, I love my children, and I love our beautiful planet.

With love and twinkles

Vicky Sherrard



Do contact me if you want to share anything about pads. I love to hear good feedback, and really want to hear bad feedback, as it helps me think about making a better product. We women are all different, so the more information we can gather about what works and what doesn't, the better - for us and for those who come after us.

I offer a free popper replacement service. Just send them back and I'll put a new popper on if the old one falls off.

Contact Vicky Sherrard by e-mail:      info@honouryourflow.co.uk

or by phone:   015242 76402

or even by snail:       Rigmaden Farm Cottages, Mansergh, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, LA6 2ET


Please contact Vicky Sherrard by e-mail:     info@honouryourflow.co.uk

or by phone:   015242 76402

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