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Welcome to Honour Your Flow          
We have pads and cups in sizes and colours to suit all tastes. Make you selection according to your flow or according to colour. All our pads are made in the UK.  

Maxi pads (UK 8-16)

Maxi pads are made with four layers of organic cotton fleece inside. Some have a layer of PUL, which is a totally waterproof barrier. The wool backed pads never have PUL in them. Maxi pads measure 11" x 3". Great for UK trouser size 8-16. If you are trouser size 18 or above, go for the Slim Mega pads. Maxi pads are suitable for the heavy side of a normal flow. If your flow is very heavy, then look at the Slim Mega. If your flow is unbelievably heavy, then look at the Mega.
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