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Welcome to Honour Your Flow          
We have pads and cups in sizes and colours to suit all tastes. Make you selection according to your flow or according to colour. All our pads are made in the UK.  

Regular-petite pads (UK 6-8)

Regular pads for the petite woman or girl. These are ideal if you are a UK trouser size 6-8 or age 9-12.  Regular-petite pads are made for your average flow days, have two inner layers and measure 8" by 2".  All Honour Your Flow pads are made from organic cottons and are made to fit the size you are. They are also really pretty. We believe these things are important! We recommend storing used pads in one of our cheerful wash bags, which keeps them discreet in the bathroom, and then can be thrown in the wash with everything else. One of the best ways to get going with cloth pads is to buy a Starter Pack, which are sold according to size. These packs include pantyliners, regular pads and a heavy flow pad as well as a wash bag and a Carry Pouch for taking out and about. 

Have a peek at this review of the Purple Sundae Slim Regular-petite. Please note - our pads no longer have sewing flaws! 
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