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Welcome to Honour Your Flow          
We have pads and cups in sizes and colours to suit all tastes. Make you selection according to your flow or according to colour. All our pads are made in the UK.  

Starter Pack UK size 14-18

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A lovely starter pack to get you going with the basics. Choose between Pinks, Blues or a mix of all sorts. The exact colours will vary depending on what is in stock. Your Starter Pack contains two pads for lightest 'spotting' days, two pads for average flow days, and a thick pad for heavy days, a wash bag, a Moon Purse, as well as some other HYF goodies. It's just to get you started. Once you know which suits you best, you can come back and complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night Pads to your Starter Pack, so that you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you won't have any more leaks. Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through cloth pads!

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G-Warrington-5 Stars

I just wanted you to know how amazing I find your pads! I bought them a while ago, and the doctor changed my pill so I only have a period every now and again (which disappointed me because I wanted to use them so bad!) Well aunt flow visited me last week and I can safely say your pads were a life changer. I love them so much. No irritation like you get with normal pads! So comfy and didn't even notice I was wearing one. Continue making these awesome pads, I'll be a customer for life now! Love, G

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