Starter Pack UK size 14-20
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Starter Pack UK size 14-20

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A lovely Starter Pack to get you going with the basics. Choose between Pinks, Blues or a mix of all sorts. The exact colours will vary according to what is in stock. Your Starter Pack contains two 9" Mini-long pads for lightest 'spotting' days, two 11"  Regular-long pads for average flow days, and a thick 13.5" Slim Mega pad for heavy days, also a coloured Wash Bag, a fleece Moon Purse, as well as some other HYF goodies. It's just to get you started. Once you know which suits you best, you can come back and complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night Pads to your Starter Pack, so that you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you won't have any more leaks. Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through cloth pads!

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G-Warrington-5 Stars

I just wanted you to know how amazing I find your pads! I bought them a while ago, and the doctor changed my pill so I only have a period every now and again (which disappointed me because I wanted to use them so bad!) Well aunt flow visited me last week and I can safely say your pads were a life changer. I love them so much. No irritation like you get with normal pads! So comfy and didn't even notice I was wearing one. Continue making these awesome pads, I'll be a customer for life now! Love, G

Victoria-Manchester-5 Stars

Well, what can I say...absolutely amazing. I was wary of trying something reusable as I suffer from endometriosis and have very heavy periods but I wanted to try and cut down the amount of plastic waste from disposables and the amount of chemicals I'm putting into my body. I did a lot of research and decided on HYF pads - particularly as they have this starter kit, it's ideal. I'm blown away by them. I can't even tell I'm wearing a pad, they are so comfortable. No irritation from them at all and I was worried that they wouldn't stay in place as I normally struggle with the sticky back ones so felt sure these wouldn't stay in place. So far I've had no problem and no leaks at all. At night for a little extra security I do wear an extra pair of pants just in case! Thank you so much HYF for making these wonderful pads, I shall be recommending them to all of my friends

Julie-Hampshire-5 Stars

Recently changed to reusable products and found this pack fantastic for starting out....I have since added more as they are amazing.......well made, lovely colours and easy to wash and dry. I always suffered leaking etc with disposables but since switching to HYF pads I have had no leaks even at night, no unpleasant odour and feel comfortable during my period for the first time! My only regret is I didn't find these sooner.

Sal.R-Wiltshire-5 Stars

I have always wanted to try re-usable pads but was really worried that I would need loads to cope with my heavy flow. My periods are so bad on day 2 & 3 that I have to use Tena Lady incontince pads in order for me to be able to lead a normal-ish life and not be running to change my pads every hour. I was very worried, but decided to give re-usable a try as I spent around £10-£16 a month on pads, Tena, Always etc. I am so glad I gave HYF a try, it took me 1 cycle to get used to using these, but really enjoy using the pads, I was extremely, pleasenty suprised at how super comfortable the pads were and how infrequent I needed to change them. Even when full, it was still comfortable. But you know when it is time to change as you can feel some wetness against the skin. Really enjoy the colours. Now I know which ones I like and need the most I have palced another order during Happy hour 20% off!!! and got 6 additional pads.

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