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We have pads and cups in sizes and colours to suit all tastes. Make you selection according to your flow or according to colour. All our pads are made in the UK.  

Wash bags

A small bag to put your used pads in whilst washing and waiting to be washed. The wash bags were invented whilst considering what teenagers would need to make using washable menstrual products easy. I realised that leaving used pads lying around the bathroom floor would be a definite no no, so came up with the wash bag - a discreet place to keep your used pads before washing. They come in different sizes to suit your needs, and the number you will need will depend on you of course. How about 4 wash bags - 1 for white pads, 1 for coloured pads, and the 2 others for when these are in the wash. Pads will wash fine inside the bag, or, if you leave the drawstring open during the wash, they will mix with the rest of the wash. I don't know how we managed without them. I highly recommend them!

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