12 Washable Makeup Wipes wash bag
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12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag

12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag
12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag 12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag 12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag
12 Washable Makeup Wipes + wash bag
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This is the perfect kit for removing your make-up. A generous 12 washable wipes in undyed organic cotton fleece and a little wash bag to keep them in order in your washing machine. All washable up to 60'. Wouldn't this be a great gift for the teenager in your life? Here you have enough make-up remover pads to last you the whole week.  12 undyed organic cotton fleece wipes with a little polyester mesh wash bag. The Half Moon wipes  are easier to produce than the Round ones, which means they are a little cheaper. It also means that you sometimes get loose threads. Feel free to snip the threads, preferably after the first wash, as washing will set them in place. 

Some people say they prefer these Half Moon wipes for round their eyes, whereas the Round ones are good for the whole face. Up to you of course. They are all lovely, and they all bend over to give you a firm edge for mascara. Enjoy!

Here's a video of how you could use them:
(ps. They are NOT "disposable" . I think she meant 'reusable')

Here's what one of the testers had to say about them:

- How many do you need each time/in a pack?: I'd need more if they were all velour, but the fleece seemed to make the product on it go further and even use toner, then put moisturiser on the same pad and apply that aswell. On the other hand, the velour seemed to need quite a bit of the product and even then would need to be applied several times so there isn't friction on the skin, I needed one per product I was applying so to apply makeup remover, cleanser, toner & moisturiser at night, I'd need 4/5 velour pads just for then, but if I was to use the fleece, I think I'd only need 2, possibly 3 at a time which makes it more convenient rather than having to deal with lots of them. After using the velour, it felt dry very quickly so it was easy to muddle up which was used and which wasn't used, this combined with the dark colour wasn't such a good mix. The fleece however stayed damp for a while and the white enabled me to very clearly see which was and wasn't used. "

- Washbag or loose?: I tried both and I do prefer using a washbag as they're quite easy to get lost on the top of the machine etc, however when I washed them loosely I didn't lose any, but it was just more convenient in a wash bag because they were all together already.

-Washing method: I handwashed and machine washed them, I found that machine washing helped stain-wise, whereas handwashing left them with faint stains still on them. After handwashing, I left them in the sun to dry but they felt a bit crusty/stiff as opposed to when I machine washed them and let them dry in the sun, then spun them in the tumble drier for a few minutes (this made them softer again).

- Feeling on the rest of your face: I preferred the fleece for the flatter and larger areas of skin, it had a lighter and airier glide against it whereas the velour seemed to need quite a bit of the product and even then would need to be applied several times so there isn't friction on the skin.

- Feeling around eyes: I much preferred the velour around my eyes, it helped to get into the smaller areas/creases, the fleece is quite stiff and not as versatile flexibility wise.

- Colour preferences: Although white is probably not the best colour for a reusable product due to staining etc, I kind of preferred it to the other colours as I can see that my makeup is being removed successfully, with the navy velour I couldn't really see anything there so it's more reassuring to see the pad dirty and clearly used afterwards, maybe a white velour if possible because I absolutely loved the texture of it.

- Texture/fabric: Unlike some fabrics, the fleece felt very soft AND had the property of not having little fluffy bits come off it when using it to wipe it off my face (which was a massive bonus for me). It felt like the fabric evenly absorbed the cleanser and didn't blot itself into one area, it absorbed evenly and kept a steady dampness so all areas of my face have an even spread of it without feeling dry/like I need to apply more cleanser to finish the rest of my skin.

- Size and shape: One was slightly larger than the other, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not but I found that the larger one was a bit too big for some uses. I used them for removing makeup firstly (which the larger one worked best for and it had a larger surface area to remove makeup quicker), however I also used them for applying cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I found that the smaller one was better for this because the larger one made it get in my hair whereas the smaller one I had more control over without it overlapping into where I don't want it applied."
Many thanks to Bethany for her wonderfully detailed report!

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