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Reusable Sanitary Pads For Menstrual and Incontinence Use                     Organic | Ethical | Beautiful

Amethyst Mini Pad - Organic Reusable Pantyliner

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    Scrumptious 100% organic cotton velour - the completely eco-friendly option. This is a beautiful pad in a purply pink colour. Poppers underneath for a super slim fitting wear. Suitable for lightest flow days, menstrual cup back-up, ovulation days, or just everyday wear. Backed with our lightweight 100%  organic cotton jersey with a layer of waterproof PUL hidden inside, which is our vegan zerowaste offering, and makes a robust liner for proper dryness. Machine washable up to 60'.

    Weak Bladder / Incontinence Rating: 1 - drips or a small dribble


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    Take the plunge and don’t look back!

    I took the plunge on these pads due to running out of options treating my endometriosis medically/surgically and they were part of a last-ditch overhaul which I never thought would work but I didn’t have much choice...hysterectomy in your 30’s anyone?! I have all different sizes from tiny to the big night time ones.

    I love the pads! They are so comfy and way more absorbent than reusables. I also hadn't noticed how itchy/irritating/burning reusables are until I thought I'd use some old ones up on holiday - never again! The pads travel too now!

    My mum has also just had anal cancer and having not had periods for years due to hysterectomy years ago but needing sanitary ware post- surgery, she commented how irritating pads are now. Not sure if that's down to the bleaches/gels they now use (25+ yrs ago was different!) or whether she just didn't notice at the time as it was the norm. She has had difficulty getting suitable pads.

    As well as the pads I have altered my diet slightly and really noticed a difference, so I'm not sure how much is that as well as the pads but I'm not going back on either! I have cut out milk unless it's organic and only have it in tea/coffee/bio live yogurt (or a vegan bio live yogurt) and I have a liver detox smoothie every day for breakfast (they're on google or in books). I also try to eat/avoid a few other things but I’m not a saint. Combining the diet and pads approach seems to have been enough to tip the balance.

    There is no way I'm ever buying reusables for my daughter, unless she needs them for a trip and then they will have to be an eco disposable brand, which aren't always easy to get. My daughter was excited to choose a selection of pads ready for when she needs them (she’s 10).

    Cheryl North | Devon | October 2020