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Blackberry Regular pad - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad

Blackberry Regular pad - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad

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    A stunning colour to add to your collection - rich pink peeping through black with edges of deep navy, and all backed with black! This is going to look awesome in your black period undies! This is our Regular pad, so ideal for your average menstrual flow days. It has two inner layers of thick organic cotton fleece inside, and you can choose your  backings black wool, which is our most zero waste option, as the whole thing will compost at the end of its life (about 10 years from now); and black organic cotton jersey with waterproof PUL inside, which is the nearest we can get to a Vegan zero waste sanitary pad, so everything biodegrades except the PUL and the popper.

    Machine wash up to 60'

    A truly beautiful period pad to bring comfort and pezazz to your period as you honour your flow.

    Weak Bladder/ Incontinence Rating: 2 - drips and dribbles



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    Joanne Lambert - Essex

    Love these!!!

    My favourite regular pad. So comfortable. And love the blackberry colour