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Why is it important to use Reusable Face Masks?

 Disposable Face Masks Are Ending up in the Sea

The crisis of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans has only got worse since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Literally millions of people are now using disposable masks and gloves every day, and then throwing them away.

Away sometimes means into Landfill, sometimes it means straight on the ground.

One of the worst pollutants in the oceans is wet wipes, and if you think about it, disposable masks are made from the same non-degradable fabrics. They are already being washed up on beaches, and they are already endangering the lives of our sea creatures.

And What About Performance?

Well, here at HYF we are experts in the absorbency of natural fabrics, and although we don’t have any scientific evidence about how well dispoable face masks work, if they are anything like disposable menstrual pads (and we think they probably are), then they won’t even work as well as masks made from good quality natural fabrics. To absorb droplets, a fabric needs to be soft and receptive. Anything with a shiny surface will repel droplets not absorb them.

Our face masks are made from soft and highly absorbent organic cotton velour and organic cotton jersey. We feel they are actually way more absorbent than disposables.

As with all products designed to prevent leaks, masks do need to fit proerly, otherwise breath will leak out. If you look around you at people wearing masks, you will see lots of ill fitting masks with holes where breath can escape. The best fitting mask is one which is adjustable. Our face masks are adjustable.



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