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Charity Pads

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This is the HYF Charity Pad which we developed a few years ago in collaboration with a large international aid organisation. The Charity pad comes in two sizes - small and large - and has been designed to be immensely practical as well as beautiful. It is easy to wash by hand and dries quickly and discreetly. It is ideal for use in refugee camps, where there is enough water for washing. It has also been used in schools in several African countries to provide an affordable and easy to launder option for girls who otherwise miss school due to lack of menstrual pad provision.

Many people raise money themselves to help in this way, by crowd funding, doing sponsored events, even just asking their friends to donate. £500 buys a surprising number of pads.

We sell the Charity Pads either individually or in kits. The kits can basically contain whatever you like, so it is a flexible concept.

We don't make much money on these pads; we are trying to do our bit to support good causes.