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Dusky Rose Regular pad - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad

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    This is a lovely fresh pad in a delightful pink organic cotton velour, with inner layers of organic cotton fleece, and backed with organic cotton jersey, which has a layer of waterproof PUL inside, and is our vegan zero waste pad.  Made in the brilliant HYF design with the hourglass shape which makes it very slim fitting and comfortable to wear. Machine washable up to 60'. Suitable for your average flow days.

    Honour your flow with beautiful organic sanitary pads...

    Weak Bladder/ Incontinence Rating: 2 - drips and dribbles


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    Karen - Kent


    I ordered one of these pads to see how things went in my quest to be more environmentally friendly. One use and I�m hooked! Quickly ordered more for various different �flow� days and can honestly say I haven�t looked back. I had doubts about them washing up nicely/staining but shouldn�t have worried - after a nice soak in cold water, quick rub with a stain stick (from HYF), into the washing machine at 30 degrees/tumble dry and they are good as new. Soft, comfortable and beautifully made I am IN LOVE and that time of the month has become a time when I feel happy and excited all over again to use these lovely pads! If you have doubts leave them right there, it�s definitely worth it, thank you HYF x

    Lorna - Stoke on Trent


    Lovely pad. Beautiful colour and very comfortable, so much nicer fit than other cloth pads ive tried, and a million miles away from disposables!You won't regret buying honour your flow pads. Just fantastic!!

    Wrcgirl - Worcestershire

    My favourite daytime pad, just right! Pretty, soft, absorbant, quick drying.

    Jolanda - Netherlands

    fantastic pad, beautiful material, works great and stays nice