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Extremely heavy flow

These are pads for women who don't believe there is a pad big enough to cope with their flow. The Mega pads are more absorbent than the Slim Megas, but the Slims are very effective and more slimline. The Mega pad is BIG! Suitable for extremely heavy monthly bleeding, for after childbirth, for heavy night flow, when the Night Pads are not thick enough.

If you are using these pads for weak bladder issues, then the Slim Mega will be good if you have smaller ongoing gushes all day, and the Mega Pads are suitable for quite heavy incontinence, where you have unstoppable gushing. They won't hold an entire bladder, but they will only leak 'over the top', if the pad becomes entirely saturated.

Weak Bladder/ Incontinence rating:  Slim Mega - 4: Heavier gushes and all day leaks
                                                     Mega - 5-6: Very low bladder control