Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour
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Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour

Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour
Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour
Long Tie Masks - MEDIUM Velour
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Made from our lovely soft organic cotton velour in a single layer, with a choice of cotton ties or elastic, this is our offering to help you through these times. We have gone for the pleated design, which I feel is the most leak proof, as you get a good seal around your chin. This is comfortable to wear, and hopefully will do a good job in catching those larger droplets before they disperse into smaller ones. We have made the velour face masks with just a single layer of fabric, making them a little lighter than the double layer jersey ones, but still thick enough be effective. We tried lots of designs before settling on the long tie style, as we found this to be the most versatile, offering ties that are comfortable for a long day at work (bottom tie on top of head), as well as ties that are fine for shorter trips out of a couple of hours or so (behind the ear ties).

Measurements for this size: nose to ear 15-17cm  |nose to chin 13-15cm

Wash before first use to soften the cotton strings. 

All can be washed up to 60'.

Remove your mask carefully, ideally putting it in a wash bag ready for the wash. Now wash your hands!

Please experiment with how best to tie your mask - 

1. top ties around the ears and under the chin. Bottom ties back of the head.

2. bottom ties on the very top of your head

3. tie the sides behind your ears. Nothing behind your head.

1. 2.3.

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Preena Mistry-Bradford -5 Stars

Tie masks

I love my masks, me and and partner have two each (i find when you wash it you always need it so best to have a spare) and we’re very happy with them. Easy to tie and secure. They are very comfortable and more importantly breathable and soft so it doesn’t bother me when it’s on. So many different ways to tie it to suit you so there’s really no downside! Thank you!

Emmy -Southend-on-Sea -5 Stars

Cute and functional and comfy

I love these masks. I now have 3. They fit well and wash well. I find the elastic ones better as they are a bit more

Comfortable. They are great for wearing for a long time as they don’t move so you don’t have to touch them. It’s great they don’t have to tie around your ears too as I wear hearing aids and these ones don’t knock my hearing aids off!! Can’t say enough good things about them. Just buy them you won’t regret it!

Sophie-Hampshire-5 Stars

Northern Lights is a stunner

Bought the medium velour Northern lights mask which is a perfect fit, I tie the top ties under my chin and the others around the back of my head and it is comfy and stays put. The colour way is divine, so highly recommended! Deep purple, bright green and turquoise. I love it and the velour is soft, tactile and luxurious. I have other masks from HYF and am so impressed with them all. 💚💚💚

Charlotte -Woking-5 Stars

Great-fitting masks

Great face masks! The long ties really do make the masks fit better, which also means I don�t end up tweaking mine (i.e. touching it) once it�s on. The cotton ties are grippy and stay tied in a bow. The velour is slightly stretchier than the cotton, so the velour is comfier for my big nose! I don�t find tying them difficult � I put my mask on in the car immediately before I go into the supermarket, and I can confirm that tying the ties securely with no mirror in a confined space is easier than you�d think. My children have tied theirs with ear loops, which have so far stayed tied even in the wash.

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