Me Luna Sport Ball - Small
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Me Luna Sport Ball - Small

Me Luna Sport Ball - Small
Me Luna Sport Ball - Small Me Luna Sport Ball - Small Me Luna Sport Ball - Small
Me Luna Sport Ball - Small
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The MeLuna Sport is our firmest menstrual cup. This is recommended for users involved in physical activities that require a lot of core muscle engagement. Some women feel that the MeLuna Sport is not soft enough however many customers really enjoy how easily the cup unfolds due to the firmer material.

The material of the sport has a firmness level of 50 Shore. This makes it 25% firmer than MeLuna Classic. This menstrual cup has a high degree of resilience. If they are pressed together, you can feel the force with which it springs back immediately. This 'springiness' ensures that the Sport cups can unfold perfectly even with strong pressure of the surrounding muscles and keep a tight seal even during more intense activities where a softer cup may collapse and leak.

For whom is the MeLuna Sport most suitable?
MeLuna Sport is designed for users involved in very active pursuits. Some sports and exercises have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. Particularly noteworthy are: yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, Kegel Exercise, martial arts, pole dancing, etc.
The sport is a good choice for users who are very active and have experienced leaking with a softer cup.

Made in Germany from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

All Me Luna cups come with full instructions of how to insert and how to clean. They also come with the purple/black storage pouch.

The Me Luna Small is one of the smallest menstrual cups worldwide. If you are slim, petite build, under 170cm (5'5) , had no vaginal births, have light menstrual flow, then the Small could be the right cup for you. If you are heavier, have had vaginal births, you may still suit the Me Luna Small, if your pelvic floor muscles are strong (like if you do Pilates or are very fit generally). Please contact me if you need help choosing the right size for you, as we have the magic Me Luna Size Finder chart!

Ava is 5'4, slim build, small frame, and has had no vaginal births. She uses the Me Luna Classic Small. 

Karen is 5'5, slim build and has had two vaginal births. Many like her will need the Medium, but Karen uses the Small, because she has very strong pelvic floor muscles from trampolining. 

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