Menstrual Cycle Kit
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Menstrual Cycle Kit

Using cloth pads is a beautiful and important gift to yourself each month, but have you ever considered honouring your flow in other ways too? Here at HYF we are passionate about all aspects of honouring ourselves as women and we have put together this kit to help you get started.

The kit includes the book 'Code Red' by Lisa Lister which is a well written and fun introduction to understanding the menstrual cycle and includes a great chapter written by the 'Husbeast' for men. as well as a chapter on each of the four phases of the cycle. 

In your menstrual cycle kit you will also receive enough menstrual cycle charts designed by leading menstrual cycle teacher Alexandra Pope, to last you for a year, as well as our very own fridge magnet designed by HYF Vicky Sherrard's own Husbeast as a daily tool for helping your menfolk know how to treat you throughout the month. Other little treats are also thrown in to make this a brilliant and fun way to honour your flow.

The HYF Menstrual Cycle Kit makes a life-changing gift to yourself or to any woman you know and love. It is a perfect gift for a young girl just starting her periods, or as a leaving home present for your older daughter. 

This is possibly the most important journey you will ever make, and we offer you the most important steps here in the HYF Menstrual Cycle Kit.

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