Milton Mini sterilising tablets 10 pack
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Milton Mini sterilising tablets 10 pack

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A 10 pack of Milton MINI sterilising tablets, so enough to last you nearly a year if you sterilise your cup at the end of each period.

Fill your MeLuna cleaning cup with 75mL of cold water, then dissolve 1 Milton Mini tablet. After the tablet is completely dissolved, carefully place your MeLuna menstrual cup with the stem facing the bottom in the cleaning cup and completely submerge it. For MeLuna menstrual cups in size L and XL the fluid may not be sufficient. Please add water until the cup is fully submerged.
Let sit for 15 minutes, then discard the disinfection fluid. The disinfection process is completed after 15 minutes, we do not recommend extending the disinfection time! Too long disinfection times cause discoloration of the cleaning cup and the MeLuna menstrual cup. We recommend using a timer (e.g. an egg timer) to observe the disinfection time.

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