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Moody Blue Slim Mega Pad - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad

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    A giant of a pad  (13.5") for very heavy flow days, made with four layers of thick organic cotton fleece inside, along the central panel but also fanning out at both ends to give you extra protection front and back. The pad also contains a layer of fully waterproof PUL, which means you can trust it, even during heavy splurges. Backed with a lightweight organic jersey, which helps to keep the overall pad as slim as possible. A sanitary pad that is as beautiful as it is practical. Yours to enjoy...Machine washable up to 60'.  

    Many HYF happily use our pads for weak bladder issues. The thing to remember is that the bigger the pad, the more fabric there is, which means the more absorbent the pad. The Slim Mega is a very large pad, so can cope with quite serious gushes.

    Weak Bladder/ Incontinence Rating: 4 - three or four gushes or all day dribbles


    Weight : 0.188kg

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    Using these for the last 3 months, I really enjoy using the Slim mega pads with PUL. I find that extra layer just gives me that added bit of security especially on longer and busier days.

    These are perfect for your heaviest days and are so comfortable. I have no issue with them being thicker, I actually prefer it as it is supports you and feels like a nice hug. I have had no staining issues with this particular colour.

    Sal | Wiltshire - UK | April 2018

    I love the slim mega pad, I have it in multiple colours! I'm a UK size 22/24, and HYF pads are the only pads and company that I have found that make pads that are big enough for a large lady, and understand that the larger the lady, the larger the pad they need! Before I switched to cloth pads, I hated my period and menstrual products because disposable pads were never big enough. I find tampons horrendously uncomfortable, and disposable pads never stay put, and go straight up my hoohah. I'm a front bleeder, so I hit the front of the pad when I bleed. The slim mega is the perfect size no matter where you tend to bleed on the pad. I use them as my heavy pads, I have about 11 of them now and I use them on a two day cycle throughout my period (on my heavy days, washing every day). They're really good, they wash lovely, and with the PUL layer not a drop has ever gone through. At first, I was changing more than I needed to as I was skeptical about how much they could hold, but with cloth pads you feel the wetness against your skin when you need to change, which I actually like. These hold a lot more than you think they would. They also dry very quickly once you have washed them, mine dry within 24 hours on the radiator, so it cuts down on the amount you have to buy. They are incredibly comfortable, and never move about in my underwear with tight undies. I can't compare to other brands of cloth pads as all my pads are HYF, but I would really recommend.

    Katie Snape | Birmingham | February 2016