Natural organic cotton velour Mega pad
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Natural organic cotton velour Mega pad

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Made from undyed organic cotton velour, which will dry quickly for you, without losing any softness or performance. The Mega pad has organic cotton velour on top, two layers of organic cotton fleece stitched inside and a removable insert/ booster of a further two layers of organic cotton fleece. That makes five thick layers. The whole pad is lined with waterproof PUL, and all backed with undyed organic cotton jersey. The double poppers prevent sideways slippage, and the open slit at the bottom lets you stuff in more boosters if needed (not usually needed, even for the heaviest flows).  Machine wash up to 60'. These pads are very big - only buy them if you are sure that's what you need! These are ideal if you are a UK trouser size 14 or above and have a very very heavy flow.

Honour your flow with washable and reusable sanitary pads...

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Isabella-Essex-5 Stars

My mother and I care for my grandmother, who has fairly severe urinary incontinence, and having got very dismayed at the huge number of disposable pads we were sending to landfill, we decided to try getting her to use your biggest megapads instead. With one extra insert, one pad can keep her dry all day on a good day, and she is now only using disposables at night, which has cut her used pad output by about 80%, and we're working up to using them at night too. We have also discovered that they work best without the poppers done up underneath, as being a larger lady, the extra width of the wings gives her more coverage, and the pads stay put anyway, which is great.

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