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Primal Pink organic cotton velour Regular-petite pad

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    Another gorgeous HYF colour scheme - pinks and peach with a hot pink lightweight organic cotton jersey backing (with a layer of waterproof PUL inside the pad) This pad has two inner layers of organic cotton fleece and is suitable for your light and medium menstrual flow days. The slim fitting design makes it very comfortable to wear. Machine wash up to 60'.

    Washable sanitary pads for all your needs!

    Weak Bladder / Incontinence Rating: 2 drips and light dribbles


    Weight : 0.021kg

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    I have been wanting to change from throw away pads to reusable for such a long time but have been scared to incase it doesn't work for me, after having two children in my early 20s and not being able to use tampons anymore I've been using pads, the bane of my life, I can not stand the plastic feeling, the leeks, the movement, having to switch between brands, I was getting to the point of just wanting my ovaries removed, for months now I have been searching for reusable pads and I am so glad my sister told me about this site, OMG I can not urge anyone enough, honestly if you are thinking just do it! You will not regret it, I'm on day two and soooo happy I finally made the switch, that's one less rubbish product funded, one more animal saved, and one million less stressful things for me to worry about, my period is now something to look forward to, it's not bulky, it feels just like underwear and they do NOT smell. I have 3 light flow pads size 6-8 and two thong pads. I have exercised in them and chased my kids around, driven, worn tight shorts for pole fitness, skinny jeans, I feel so comfortable for once in my life I am now 27, why has it taken me so long, wish I had these as a teen. Thank you so much honour your flow, life changer

    Mandy | Bucks | June 2019