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Purple Sundae organic cotton velour Maxi-petite pad

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    Made in our ever popular purples and pinks colourway, this is a washable pad for your heavier flow days. It has four inner layers of thick organic cotton fleece, and backed with a light weight organic cotton jersey and has a layer of waterproof PUL discreetly hidden inside.This pad is ideal for the smaller framed woman or teen as it only measures 9" in length. It will stay hugging the contours of your body, and although it is a pad for heavier flow, you will hardly feel it at all, due to the slimness of the design. Always wear snug fitting knickers with cloth pads, and wash up to 60'.

    With the Maxi-petites do bear in mind that cloth sanitary pads are only as absorbent as the amount of fabric in them allows, so even though the Maxi-petites have 4 layers inside, they are not as absorbent as the Maxi pads, just because there is less to them. 

    Weak Bladder/ Incontinence rating: 2-3 dribbles and occasional small gush


    Weight : 0.125kg

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    I wanted to leave a quick review here. I've been using these pads for 16 months now and I love them. I thought it was worth mentioning that even though this sized pad says it is for small trouser sizes, this also is an excellent size if you are a SHORT woman. I'm less than 5' tall and currently wear a UK 14, and these pads are the perfect size for me. So don't let the fact that it says it's for small trouser sizes put you off!

    Rebeca | Linocln | February 2016