Purple Sundae organic cotton velour Mega pad
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Purple Sundae organic cotton velour Mega pad

Purple Sundae organic cotton velour Mega pad
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The Mega pad in the ever popular purple sundae colourway. Inside the pad you will fInd two layers of organic cotton fleece sewn in along the central panel and through the wings, as well as a layer of fully waterproof PUL sewn right through the pad. The backing is our  nice organic cotton jersey in pink. The pad comes with a removable insert of another two layers of organic cotton fleece, making a total of five layers for the pad. You can buy extra inserts separately to boost if needed. Most of my customers, even those with the heaviest flow imaginable don't need to boost, but it's there as an option for you.

Machine washable up to 60' and fast drying because you only have 3 layers to dry in any one place. It dries the same as a Regular pad. Looks very special too - pretty and oh so soft! Now you can use cloth menstrual pads even for the heaviest flow.

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Ciara-Ireland-5 Stars

I cannot praise this product highly enough. It has literally changed my life! I have an extremely heavy flow and am also a plus size lady. I wear a size 26-28 on bottom, so I usually have to use 2 "ultra long plus" disposable pads, end to end and overlapping, to handle my flow for about 3 hours. I get frequent flooding in the morning and would generally stain underwear, clothes, beds and seats during my period. Very embarrassing and very limiting in day to day life. I found the mega pad by accident when I was researching reusable sanitary options. The size and shape immediately appealed as it has protective flares in the places I generally leak from. I ordered two just to give them a try. Initially when I received the pads, I was dubious. They seemed a bit bulky and I thought it looked like the poppers would feel uncomfortable. Even still, I had spent money on them and I decided to give them a try.

I cannot express how glad I am that I tried them. I am converted! Zero leaks! Full coverage! Feel dry all the time! Less pain! No irritation! Soft and breathable! I can wear a mega pad for 6 hours!!!!! I don't stain the sheets!!!! These are real revelations for me. They come up perfect from a 60 wash and come out like new from the tumble dryer (on gentle). I had to wear disposables for a while over the weekend and honestly I couldn't wait to get back to my mega pads.

If you are in any doubt, I would say to you, please. Do yourself a favour and just get one to try. I promise you, you will never regret it. It's like really, luxurious, comforting, self-care and honestly it makes having your period so much more manageable and feels like you are actually doing something good for yourself.

Katie Snape-Birmingham-5 Stars

This is my all time favourite HYF pad!! When I first saw it, I just knew that it would become my best friend, and it has. I never slept well when I was on my period before I discovered cloth pads because I was always worried about leaking. I used to wear a tampon, a pad, and have a towel on my bed across where my bum would be. But, I wriggle in my sleep, and I would always end up with blood stained sheets. Nightmare. But not once since this pad came into my life, even on my heaviest flow nights! The massive section at the back collects any trickle leaks, and the gusset and front section collects my normal flow. It's genius. It's super soft, and you can add more inserts if you need it. What more could you want? I wear this pad on all nights of my period, even when I only have a light flow, as it has the section at the back for trickle leaks and I find that with other smaller pads you don't get the same level of protection. It's absolutely wonderful as a night time pad, and would be great as a heavy duty day pad too.

Gillian-UK-4 Stars

What a revelation! This is my first time using washable pads and I was delighted with the comfort. It felt so luxurious and soft, so much better than any disposable pad has ever felt (and I'm just over 40, so have had years of using lots of different ones!) I was pleased it didn't leak at all, even on my heavy night. My only problem with it is the shape seems to be designed for people who sleep on their back as there's plenty of room there for full flow, but as I'm a tummy sleeper, I felt it lacked a little in front length for night-time use. Pure indulgence in the texture though, so I'll be happy to use it again, and again!

Note from HYF: You could try turning the pad round so the back is at the front.

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