Red Moon organic cotton velour Regular pad
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Red Moon organic cotton velour Regular pad

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A nice cloth menstrual pad for your regular flow days, made from organic cotton velour in the wonderfully fiery Red Moon colourway - great if you are concerned about stains! This pad has two inner layers of organic cotton fleece and is backed with our organic cotton jersey in black, and has a thin strip of waterproof PUL inside. Machine washable up to 60'. A beautiful addition to your stash. Shown here in size 10 undies.

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Marie Taylor-Birmingham UK-5 Stars

the best a (wo)man can get!

Honestly these are the greatest re-usable pads I have found. Soft material that remains soft after many washes (and scrubs) - they are coming up to 2 years of use now! The shape is so much more comfortable than other reusable pads I have worn, and often is hardly noticable when out and about. They don't get sweaty if you excercise a lot, and provided you have well fitting knickers on they stay in place the whole time. I got the 'starter pack' and so have the wash bag and little carry pouch - I love the wash bag, its a very useful size for other things too - for example I wash my face masks in there. Its all seems high quality to me - its stood the test of time and is now saving me money every month.

But its not about the money that I bought these - it was for the environment. To date I have stopped over 300 sanitry towels going to landfill. Thank-you!

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