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Regular-long pads
Regular-long pads
Regular-long pads
Regular-long pads
Regular-long pads

Regular-long pads

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    These are our pads for average flow days, to suit trouser sizes 14-20. They also make brilliant night pads for a size 8-12 with a fairly light flow. These pads are mostly the  polyester fleece backs and wings, and no PUL layer, but some also have PUL, and some are wool backs  (with no PUL)


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    My new favourite thing!

    I’ve been converted. I’ll summarise my experience with these pads

    - VERY comfortable, super soft, no sticky backing that can cause irritation or catching!

    - Easy to put on, stayed in place even when I was cleaning and having a little dance around the living room

    - NO SMELL, there’s no chemicals so you don’t get that nasty embarrassing smell

    - NO LEAKING, I’m heavy, not a problem at all with these pads

    - Easy to clean! Rinsed under the cold tap for a few minutes till the water ran clear, squeezed them out till dry, thew them in a mesh laundry bag and popped them in with my washing.

    - These pads are so pretty! Darker colours with blues/purples/reds are great at hiding any staining, even though mine haven’t stained!

    Please try these! I promise you’ll love them, they’re good in summer, I was worried I would get hot or uncomfortable but they’re very breathable and not too thick.

    Game changer!

    Lily | | September 2020