Seconds Bundle size 8-12
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Seconds Bundle size 8-12

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This is an opportunity to buy some really cheap HYF pads. The only catch is that they are second quality, and you can't choose what you get. (Oh, that's two catches, oops!) 

The bundle will include whatever we have in stock in the size 8-12 range as well as makeup wipes if these are available too. Padwise, this means - Minis, Thongs, Regulars and  Maxis. We may also include a carry pouch or a wash bag, again if any are available.

Availability depends entirely on what we have made mistakes with. These are items with sewing flaws - missing stitches, or wonky shapes, or sometimes just old lines. We will select a random pile for you, trying to give you as many different sizes as possible, but at the end of the day, we can only give you what we have, so sometimes it may mean more of one pad and less of others.

Generally this is a great bargain, as these pads will be perfectly fine to use, although some of them may not last as long as our top quality ones. You will be getting them for about half price.

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Lorna -Stoke on Trent -5 Stars


This is a great bargin. When this is in stock do not hesitate to buy. Pads still excellent quality and you get a lovely range of sizes and colours to try! Great way to build up your pads at a really low price

Julia-North Yorkshire-5 Stars

This set is amazing, you get such good value for money and I can hardly see what makes them 'seconds' quality. Lovely selection of both flow rates and colours, light to heavier flow, blues, pinks, whites. Perfect start to my collection.

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