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Starter Pack UK size 22-30 -  Organic Cotton Reusable Period  Pad Kit

Starter Pack UK size 22-30 - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad Kit

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    A lovely Starter Pack to get you going with the basics. The exact colours will vary depending on what is in stock. You have here two 11" Mini x-long liners for lightest 'spotting' days, two 13.5" Regular x-long pads for average flow days, and a thick 13.5" Slim Mega pad for heavy days. You also receive a Large coloured  Wash Bag and a PUL Moon Purse. There are also some other HYF goodies in there.

    The Starter Pack is just to get you started, and once you know which pads suit you best, you can come back and complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night pads to your Starter Pack, so that you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you won't have any trickle leaks. Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through cloth pads!


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    Comfiest Way To Save The Planet

    I've have felt guilty for years, ever since I started becoming aware of what we do to the planet and where rubbish (and sanitary products go). I remember my Nan telling me about the "belt" where they'd loop material over a belt so it went all the way from the front to the back! Sounded horrendous! But at least it was enviromentally friendly. I bought a mooncup years ago but as a big girl, the thought of trying to change it in the cubicles at work gave me images of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the ladies loo! Then I saw an ad on Facebook from Honour Your Flow and reusable pads. I ummmed and ahhhd for a few weeks, then my period came and after another few days of chafed foof and horrible looking pads in my knickers, I decided to just do it. I bought a starter pack, a pad for very heavy flow and a mega pad. I actually looked forward to my period! It did take a couple of times to get used to them, and to place them right-couple of times they had come out sideways and was flapping from my ass. But once you get the hang of straightening them up when you've pulled your knickers up, they are SO comfortable. I recommend getting 2 wash bags if you have 2 bathrooms so you have one in each. I also recommend 2 mega pads if you get really heavy days 2 & 3 like me and you wriggle a lot in bed. I've been using them for a year and can 100% say I've never leaked. The only reason I just recently bought some more is because my idiot husband threw them away with some towels by mistake. Of course I made him pay for the next lot! The only other tip I can think of is wear tight knickers, not tight, tight, but not the ones that go saggy at the bum after wearing a few hours, don't know if I can mention brands but Sloggis are awesome! Anyway, I've recommended these to all my girly friends as I love them. No chaffed foof, no leaks and saving the planet-what more can you want?

    Keri King | Motherwell | March 2020