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Starter Pack UK size 8-12 - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad Kit

Starter Pack UK size 8-12 - Organic Cotton Reusable Period Pad Kit

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    A lovely Starter Pack to get you going with the basics. Choose between Pinks or Blues or a mix of different colours. The exact colours will vary depending on what is in stock. Your Starter Pack contains two 8" Mini pads for light 'spotting' days, two 9" Regular pads for average flow days, and a thick 11" Maxi pad for heavier days, also a coloured Wash Bag and an organic cotton PUL lined Carry Pouch, as well as some other surprise HYF goodies. It's just to get you started. Once you know which suits you best, you can come back and complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night pads to your Starter Pack, so that you are totally covered at night.

    Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through reusable period pads!


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    Having considered purchasing reusable pads for a while, I finally took the plunge and bought the starter pack. I am so glad I did! They are so comfortable and extremely reliable - something I did not experience with high street disposable brands. I have quite a heavy flow but had no problems using them, although there are plenty of other pads and sizes available should you need them. I am now re-purchasing extra pads for myself! Washing them is also no problem, I just pop them in the washing machine as normal and the have come out perfect. If you are considering trying reusable pads, I can’t recommend this starter pack enough. It’s got everything you need to get you started but I am sure you will be back buying more before you know it!

    Sian | South West | February 2018

    After seeing a post about HYF on Facebook I was intrigued at the idea of reusable pads, though a bit unsure. I did lots of research into the pros and cons and other shops and came back to here. I ordered the starter pack which arrived the very next day, which surprised me. I have tried out everything that came in the pack plus the few extras I purchased. It has given me a great idea as to what does/doesn't suit my needs/preferences. The pads are comfortable and breath. The only downfall was that I was reluctant to try them on as they looked so nice and I didn't want to ruin them. After being a little unsure at first I am now completely converted. It's a real game changer. Thank you.

    Tasha | Hampshire | November 2017

    I have known about cloth pads for years, but nothing has made me feel like I can trust them. I always tried to use cloth nappies for my babies so why not cloth for me? I came late to this product, I am 41, so have about 10 years to go before menopause. I was hugely excited when I found these and I have to say I am not disappointed. I bought the wool backed ones and they feel really great and no leaks! Also, no smells either, which you get from a disposable and I feel good that they are better for my body. I would say they are true to size, I got them out and put them against the pads I usually wear and they were a perfect fit. I was a bit worried about the poppers, but I broke my nail on one so no worries about them coming undone!!! I have washed some already and they have stayed in shape. I wish I had found these years ago and I won't be going back to disposables. Fantastic product and I will be introducing these to my daughter when the time comes.

    Char | Scotland | July 2017

    Amazing contact with the owner! It arrived very quickly (in about a week). The pads are really beautiful and feel nice. Is quite easily to clean.

    Dy | Netherlands | June 2017

    Being a first timer to use reusable pads I was a bit nervous about it all but getting the Starter Pack was the best choice I could've made! I was so impressed with the care that was taken with all the details in the pack and the little extras that made it that much more fun (even my partner was a bit envious about all my goodies!). Having decided to try them out and hearing how much Lisa Lister (author of Code Red) raved about the experience of these I couldn't imagine I would be feeling the same but they were AMAZING! I have a 7 day full heavy intense flow and didn't know how I'd do with these but I tried all the different sizes based on what flow I had and I was so impressed! It also felt so luxurious to have these beautiful soft fleecy numbers there instead of using tampons or disposable pads. My body is thanking me a million times over and I actually look forward to my bleed now because I get to use these. For anyone not sure if it's worth it, I'd say definitely try these out, you won't regret it!

    Shonali | London | June 2016

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