Wild Berry organic cotton fleece breast pads
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Wild Berry organic cotton fleece breast pads

Wild Berry organic cotton fleece breast pads
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Soft and comforting made with a single layer of organic cotton fleece dyed in our lovely Wild Berry speckly organic cotton fleece and backed with either hot pink organic cotton jersey (with a layer of breathable and waterproof PUL inside); pink polyester fleece; or organic undyed wool.   All our breast pads measure 11cm across and are machine washable up to 60'.

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Vicki-Lancaster-5 Stars

Love these! I have always had leaking issues but they were especially bad in the first few months and the reusable pads I tried were just hopeless and not very comfy either. So I used disposable ones for a long time. Now my little girl is almost 18 months and I don't tend to leak if I'm with her but get a bit full towards the end of the working day so I'm still using breast pads five days a week. Honour Your Flow's pads have changed my opinion of reusables, so incredibly comfortable and although I don't leak so much these days I have confidence that they would perform just fine if I ever have another baby and go through the initial oversupply/leaking stage again. Highly recommended!

Sophie-Bradford-5 Stars

I am in LOVE!!! I bought these just a few days ago, and I love them already, they've only had one use so far, not only are they beautiful and comfortable they are amazingly absorbent. More so than disposables and definitely more comfy than any disposable could ever dream of being!!!

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